Questions of a Christian Biophysicist

A free E-Book from the Youvan Foundation by Douglas Youvan

ISBN:  978-0-615-43125-3 (c) 2010     

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Youvan’s e-book, below, “Questions of a Christian Biophysicist”, ISBN 978-0-615-43573-2, is written entirely in the form of polemic questions.  These 800+ questions indicate Youvan’s firm belief in Biblical Creation as per Genesis 1-2. While some questions are at research level in mathematics, cosmology, and biophysics, other questions pertain to a broad spectrum of basic subjects ranging from family relationships to Wikipedia politics to child education.  Some questions are written for fellow scientists, teachers, apologists, and pastors that have answers bordering on paradoxical or indeterminate.

Doug feels called by the Great Commission of Jesus Christ to “extinguish Darwinism” and spread the word that “an intelligent man can believe in literal Creation”.  He is credited with finding a pattern in the genetic code which is inexplicable by any Earthly process.  His questions hit hard at secularist beliefs in the Big Bang and Evolution.  His discovery of a pattern in the genetic code is published here on Wikipedia's genetic code article which receives nearly one million hits per year.

Youvan received his Ph.D. in Biophysics from UC Berkeley in 1981 and advanced to the level of Associate Professor of Chemistry (MIT) in 1990.  Discovery of the genes for photosynthesis, invention of in vitro evolution, and discoveries in discrete mathematics are attributed to Youvan, who was later Born Again via epiphany at age 46. Youvan has attended a variety of Christian churches, including: Catholic, Calvinist, Calvary, Methodist, Baptist, Southern Baptist, Nazarene, Pentecostal, and Charismatic neo-Pentecostal in a variety of states including Kansas, Colorado, Hawaii, and California.

For readers interested in Mathematica programming, color, and/or the discrete mathematics used to study the genetic code, Professor Youvan’s first e-book is also free and online: “Pseudocolor in Pure and Applied Mathematics”, ISBN 978-0-615-43125-3, at  For more information on Youvan, himself, please see his current Wikipedia biography at  His biography is frequently attacked by atheist editors, so you might want to view an earlier version of his biography in Wikipedia's history shown  here.

All questions are in chronological order of writing with the exception of the first and last questions which were written in November of 2010. Work on this book began in October of 2010 concomitant with this web-based publication. The 650th question was written in April, 2011.  If you are currently reading a paper copy of this book, that's probably from a short printer run, and it is likely that the e-book on the website is more up-to-date as more questions have been added.

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